You Have a Right to Set Up Your Own Funeral Arrangements

health care directive

A Health care directive can also be complex documents that take the shape of an estate plan. Health care decisions made in a health care directive are considered legally binding. For example, if you were to decide not to undergo surgery or to accept certain treatments, those decisions would be considered legally binding unless you make changes later.

Treatment Options

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An ill person can use a health care directive to describe the types of medical treatment they prefer. This allows the family of that person to make medical treatment decisions for them based on their preferences. If you are terminally ill and are not able to communicate your preferences to your health care provider, you can use a health care directive. A health care directive is an important document that ensures that you have made decisions about your health rather than being dictated by a health care provider or insurance company.


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Your health care directive should include the name of your health care provider and your address, phone number and email. It should also contain the names and addresses of your primary health care provider and your attorney. You should also include a written statement from your attorney stating under what circumstances you give up your rights to make decisions about your medical treatment and life insurance. The form should also include your written informed consent for medical treatment. Your attorney will fill in the information on the health care directive and sign it on your behalf. Your attorney may also provide you with certain documents that allow your doctor to enforce some of the provisions in the health care directive.


A health care directive is considered a legally binding contract between you and your health care provider. Unless you make changes to the health care directive later, it becomes a legally binding contract between you and your health care provider. In addition to this, once you have signed the health care directive you are obligated to follow it, even if you change your mind and want to visit a doctor who disagrees with you. If you do not follow the terms of the health care directive it becomes a binding contract between you and your attending physician.


If you and your attending physician have a disagreement regarding which medical treatment you should receive, you can hire a health care representative to help you with the matter. If you and your physician cannot agree, then you must file a lawsuit in federal court. You must file the lawsuit within one year of the date when the dispute first arose. This is called a complaint. The complaint must be filed with the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

In some cases, there are certain circumstances that may make getting older even harder. The most common of these circumstances is getting older because of illness or injury. As we age, we may have a greater risk of getting sick or injured. If you have this worry, it may make getting older even harder for you and your family because you now have no legal protection under your health care directive.


Getting a health care directive is not like hiring an attorney. The health care representative does not represent you in court and they are not allowed to make decisions for you. You make those decisions and they are supposed to reflect your wishes as a patient. It is your right to make those decisions. If you are unsure of those decisions, you should talk to your physician to see if he can give you advice on your health care directive.

Wrapping Up

You do not have to be confused by the confusing laws on how to set up your health care directive. You do not have to worry about filling out forms, waiting for a court date, or even dealing with a health care representative. There is one simple process that you can use to make your new health care directive clear so that you can make your own funeral arrangements in accordance with your wishes. Make sure to get this help before you are too far along in your life.

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