Top Medical Treatment Definition For You To Learn

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Every medical term always fascinates us. We might not know the exact meaning, however, might be using the same in some different context with a different word. To learn everything in detail and its exact proposition, here we are with the medical treatment definition, prepared for you to understand the medical field in a vivid way. So, without wasting any more time let us start our count down with-

Medical Treatment Definition Starting With ‘A’ to ‘D’

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Well, let us begin the options of the top choices of medical treatment definition that begins with ‘A’- ‘D’

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  • Abrasion: A small cut or scratch which is not that serious.
  • Abscess: This term defines the fluid-filled section formed inside a tissue(normal cause is infection)
  • Acute: A situation or specific condition that starts suddenly, sometimes the situation is serious, with a very short tenure. 
  • Benign typically suggests non-cancerous tissues.
  • Biopsy on the other hand is a small test sample of tissues. 
  • Chronic is a term that defines a persisting situation similar to heart disease.
  • Contusion is used to define bruise.
  • Defibrillator comes next which is however a medical device that the medical experts use to regain normal heartbeats. 

Medical Treatment Definition Starting With ‘E’ to ‘H’

  • Edema is a medical term used to define a swelling that occurs due to fluid accumulation.
  • Embolism is that condition, where there is an arterial blockage that is normally caused due to a blood clot.
  • Epidermis defines the extreme outer layer of the skin.
  • Fracture is the term used to understand broken cartilage or bone.
  • Gland is the medical term that defines a tissue that secrets a purposeful liquid.
  • Hypertension is the term that denotes high blood pressure.

Medical Treatment Definition Starting With ‘I’ to ‘Z’

  • Inpatient is the term that defines the situation of patients who needs to be hospitalized.
  • Intravenous is the situation where the vein delivers fluid throughout the body.
  • Malignant is the situation that defines cancerous cells.
  • Outpatient is the patients who undergo medical care without being admitted to a hospital.
  • Prognosis is the projected resultset of disease and treatment.
  • Relapse is the situation where a symptom or disease returns after the patient completely recovers. 
  • Sutures are the term that defines stitches to heal the damaged or hurt tissues.
  • Transplant is the removal of an organ from a healthy body to another.
  • Vaccine is a material that stimulates antibody creation that regulates immunity against the external factors.
  • Zoonotic disease is a transferable symptom/sickness from animal to human.


These are the top used medical treatment definitions ever. Learn the meaning so that interacting with your medical friend becomes more easy and sorted. You might have heard the terms already in the television series or the medical movies you watched. So, rewatching the same won’t be a hassle now, right? Therefore, learn the meaning, if possible ask your medical professionals for giving a simple example to dig deep into the subject.

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