The Immune System And Autoimmune Diseases -

The Immune System And Autoimmune Diseases

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For anyone that has an interest in learning about autoimmune diseases, the Best Autoimmune Diet is a great resource. The list of foods that cause the symptoms of an autoimmune disease can be very frightening indeed. Although the list is not as long as some others, the foods on the list should be avoided at all costs.

First Foods On The Autoimmune Diseases

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One of the first foods on the autoimmune diseases list that should be avoided is gluten. Gluten is often used in combination with rye, barley and wheat. These are common in breads and baked goods. While these breads may be great for the occasional treat, they can cause the onset of a number of autoimmune diseases. As a result, those that have celiac disease should avoid them.

Another common autoimmune diseases list ingredient is inflammation. Inflammation is a natural response that the body has to injury or foreign substances. A prime example of a substance that can cause inflammation is infection. Many common autoimmune disorders can be traced back to increased inflammation.

Know About Lupus

Another substance that can cause the symptoms of an auto-immune diseases list is Lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation throughout the body. As the body tries to fight off the invaders, it often causes symptoms in the form of rashes, muscle aches, and joint stiffness. Anyone that has Lupus can tell you that the symptoms can sometimes be so severe that they interfere with day to day life.

With western medicine, there are a lot of drugs that you can take that will help to reduce the symptoms of your auto-immune diseases. However, western medicine does not always work. Sometimes the drugs that are prescribed are not safe. Many of them have been associated with increased risk of depression and suicide. It is for this reason that many are turning to more holistic methods of treatment. Holistic health care does not use drugs or invasive treatments; it works with natural cures.

Problem Because Of Diet

If you think that your symptoms might be caused by a bowel disorder such as Crohn’s disease, there is a chance that your problem could be caused by something in your diet. Since Crohn’s is a condition that affects the bowels, it can affect the foods that you eat. There are certain foods that are easier to digest when you have this condition; therefore, they should be consumed more often to keep up a healthy lifestyle.

Poor Diet Can Also Affect

When it comes to the food that we eat, what we don’t eat can also affect our health. A poor diet will have a negative effect on our health. This is because a poor diet will lower the production of important digestive tissues, such as intestinal cells and mucous membranes. Once these intestinal tissues are depleted, it can mean trouble for the rest of our bodies, as they cannot absorb nutrients properly. Another thing that an unhealthy diet will do is to deplete the immune system and leave us weak and prone to contracting autoimmune diseases.

Final Words

An autoimmune disease is characterized by abnormal immune system functions, causing the body to attack healthy cells and tissues instead of attacking its own. Common symptoms include muscle and joint pain, increased sensitivity to cold and the presence of white patches on the skin, hair loss, fatigue, blurred vision, stiffness of the muscles and allergies to dust, pollen and other irritants. In order to control the progression of autoimmune diseases, a healthy lifestyle is recommended that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise. A healthy body system ensures that the body’s immune system stays strong, preventing the occurrence and worsening of autoimmune diseases.

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