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Medical Research Journal

Medical Research Journal is an Open Access journal of a purely scientific nature. The main published content contains original research papers covering a wide range of medical subjects and review papers mostly submitted by experts considered experts in a particular medical or healthcare domain. This journal is published by Folia Medica Copernicum, the official journal of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Sciences (EFPS). Its web site provides an extensive catalogue of its articles and other resources, as well as some useful information about the journal and the publisher.

Know The Main Objective

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The objective of Medical Research Journal is to publish original research in the medical field. The editorial board of this journal is composed of specialist scientists who are appointed to fill a three-year term, after which a new Editorial Board is elected. The Journal provides free, full access to its online archive.

Many researchers have welcomed the concept of medical research journals as it offers an opportunity for their work to be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. This is especially important for researchers working in countries where government funding is scarce and research results may not be translated into English. It also allows authors and reviewers from outside the country to contribute to their work. For example, a reviewer from a different country may be able to point out a flaw in the study of an author, thereby helping that author improve his or her research.

The key features of Medical Research Journal are its open access policy and an editorial system that encourage open debate. The journal accepts both hard and soft copies of its publications and welcomes submissions to the electronic version of its website, the Open Access Directory. The journal’s website includes a catalogue of all the articles published in the Journal and an easy search facility for the terms on which they are published.

Some medical research journals are available only to a limited number of researchers who meet specific criteria. These include having a Ph.D. in the field of medicine, being registered with the PRJ editors’ Register of Editors, and being a member of a governing organization such as the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

An author is required to submit his article to the editor-in-chief of the medical research journal and then to other editors in the journal in order to receive the full credit for his or her article, but this process can take as long as seven days. The journal requires authors to clearly state their affiliation in the manuscript.

The editors of the medical research journal are responsible for all editorial decisions of the journal. The journal also requires the author to acknowledge the source of any financial support for the publication of the article.

There are a number of online submission services available that can be used to send articles to the editors of this journal. Some of these include: Sage, e-journals, La Gaceta, Journal Club, Journal Media Group and Karger.

Bottom Line

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Once your articles are accepted by the editor of the journal, they will send you a notification and a deadline for completion of the editorial process. You will receive a confirmation of acceptance as well as a check for the total cost for the publication. You must then follow the instructions given to make certain your article has been published in the journal.

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