Review-Journal – 6 Journals Recognized by Discriminating Sleep Doctors

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Some insomniacs get sick of not sleeping, make a doctor’s appointment, get sleeping pills, and their problem is solved. Others find alternative ways to solve their sleeping problems, such as special pillows, certain scents, and natural herbs. According to the report, most people suffering from sleeping disorders. Here is some information about the review journal about the sleeping problem. 

Each person is different, and for each person, there is a way to solve sleep deprivation problems. You know yourself better than your doctor, so sometimes, it is better to research the different options yourself before making an appointment.

Review-Journal About Sleeping Disorders

However, there are different resources on the internet about sleeping disorders for the average person to peruse. The thing you must always have in mind when doing this, though, is credibility. Although a company’s website might have a plethora of information about their product, it is to be taken with a grain of salt.

One must remember that each of these companies is just that, a company, and they are using their website to sell their product as well as inform you about sleep disorders.

Another source of information is articles from the media. While these are meant to be objective and unbiased, many people accuse the press of being skeptical and sometimes more biased than they should be.

One more thing to remember when reading articles from the press is that it is a journalist writing the article, not a scientist or a doctor. Although the article should be accurate, you may want to double-check. The best source to consult when researching sleep deprivation is the various sleep journals available online.

Well, for your convenience, here is a list of some of them.

Journal Sleep 

This is the official journal of the American Sleep Disorders Association and the Sleep Research Society.


Dreaming, The Journal of the Association for the Study of Dreams- This is the only professional journal specifically devoted to dreaming.

Journal of Biological Rhythms

This contains extensive information on circadian rhythms and other biological rhythms.

Journal of Sleep Research

This is the official medical journal of the European Sleep Research Society.

Sleep Research Online

This is a fairly new online-based peer-reviewed journal. However, the data is based on online research. 

World Federation of Sleep Research Society Newsletter

This is a widely used communication tool among researchers worldwide. This journal collects all the medical data regarding sleeping disorders and patients. 

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are some reliable sources for you to become knowledgeable about sleep disorders and the problems that accompany them. Apart from that, these kinds of the journal are very much important for data. Or, if you need some help for insomnia or for any sleeping disorders, just go through the reviews of the journals. It would be beneficial for you. However, you may even be able to impress your doctor by throwing out a few interesting facts from your research!

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