Rare Diseases And Its Causes

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Rare diseases are nothing strange to worry about. But from their nature, it is unknown and has to undergo research budgets and treatment development. In the United States alone, there are many rare diseases that affect less than 200,000 people. Overall, it affects around 20-30 million people.

Rare Diseases In Medical- Types And Its Causes
Rare Diseases And Its Causes

Moreover, the diseases are rare, and so the people can be highlighted as to who is having this disease to get attention. In the U.S, they keep track of the unique conditions and document it after diagnosis, which many countries do not follow. It helps in work out with the diseases count. Also, how many people affected and living with these diseases.

Affected People

Nearly 4% of people are affected by strange diseases. So, to overcome these researches take steps every year to get the solution. However, the researchers did not include cancer in the limited case list. The research started to list how many people are affected by uncommon diseases. And they found that 3,585 people are under the rare disease affected list. And even globally, few people are affected because of this disease.

Many Diseases

You can find more than 7000 rare diseases. The Americans living with a rare disease are between 25-30 million. However, the unique disease community has been using this estimate for a very long time to highlight. When compared to specific conditions, strange diseases are enormous in numbers. 

Causes Of Rare Diseases

Uncommon diseases are only because of genetics. It causes changes in genes and chromosomes. In fewer cases, the infections caused in one generation are pass on to the next generation because of the genetic modifications. Usually, it occurs in one person from the family. 

Some diseases are not inherited like infections, cancers, and autoimmune problems. Researches keep on analyzing more on the diseases, while many have no exact reasons for the cause till now.

Treatments For These Type Of Rare Diseases

Researches have put in their effort to learn, diagnose, treat, and prevent various diseases. But even then, few diseases have no treatments. But they work harder to get the solution for curing these types of conditions.

Rare Diseases In Medical- Types And Its Causes

However, the National Institute of Health (NIH) supports the research to help people who are affected by uncommon diseases. The National Centre for advancing translational sciences (NCATS) mainly focuses on the new treatments to all the patients. It also supports the research that studies common themes and related disease’s impact. Moreover, they aim to develop treatments for both common and uncommon diseases as well. 

The NCATS Office of rare diseases research, which in short termed as ORDR coordinates with the national institute of health (NIH) for involving in the activity to research for the uncommon diseases. 

Some of the rare disease’s programs by NCATS are below, 

  • Rare diseases clinical research network (RDCRN)
  • Therapeutics for rare and neglected diseases (TRND)
  • Rare diseases registry program (RADRA)
  • Genetic and rare disease information center (GARD)

The office of orphan product development distributes some amount for drug companies to develop proper treatments for the diseases.

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