Medical Technology Example - A Brief Look At What is Involved -

Medical Technology Example – A Brief Look At What is Involved

What is a Medical Technology example? In a nutshell it is a computer software application that has been designed to make the practice of medicine more effective. These software applications can be used to create databases, diagnostic tools, billing systems and other important medical devices. This technology can be used by any hospital, physician office or even a home care agency. These examples are very effective in the area of practice management and improve the efficiency of the entire system.

 Electronic Medical Records Or EMR

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How often have you heard the term Electronic Medical Records or EMR? This is a type of computer file that contains medical information about a patient who has been treated in a health care setting. It is widely used throughout the United States and Canada. The use of EMR has greatly reduced the paperwork associated with patient care as well as decreasing the amount of time needed to produce the necessary reports for reimbursement purposes.

What is the Medical Technology example that you are referring to here? An example would be the Medical Transcription machine. It has revolutionized the way that medical professionals are able to write patient notes and other medical material. A TQ machine will convert voice to text electronically. When this has been done by a medical professional can then transcribe the text into a digital medical record file. These records are then stored in the computer in a manner that allows for easy retrieval.

What Else Is On This List Of Examples Of EMR Technology? 

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Another system is the Electronic Medical Records Retrieval system. This particular system allows for the storage and retrieval of medical information using keywords. It also allows for the automatic generation and transmission of TQ files. This example of technology is commonly referred to as Electronic Health Record technology.

What Types Of Items Are On The List That We Just Discussed?

Let us look at one more example. The Diagnostic Medical Sonography System is used in hospitals to make detailed pictures of the internal organs. By taking a picture of these internal organs a physician can determine what exactly is wrong with the patient and order proper medical treatment. The picture that is generated is then sent electronically to a lab where a radiologist uses it to create a digital image of the problem area.

Summing Up 

The Internet has made such advances that we are almost dependent upon it for everything. It is not only limited to books and knowledge. It includes video games, movies, music, cell phones, and much more. We rely on the Internet for so many things that have absolutely no bearing on the real world. Medical researchers now have the ability to create films that show the inner workings of a human body. This is a big deal because it helps them better treat patients.

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