Medical Research Trials and Their Significance in Public Health

medical research studies

Medical Research Studies is conducted to test the effects of new medical products and procedures on humans. The studies are done by the pharmaceutical companies and doctors/dentists/nutritionists to determine the effectiveness of the new products. These trials are essential to the progress of the medical world as well as the safety of the patients who take part in the clinical trials. A good number of trials have been successfully completed and there have been numerous trials conducted on various diseases and conditions. This article provides some information on how trials are carried out and what the purpose of each type of trial is.

An Overview


The medical research studies conducted on animals are generally focused on the benefits that can be gained from the use of the new treatments, medications or vaccines. For instance, if a new treatment for cancer was discovered, the pharmaceutical company would carry out clinical trials on animals to test its effectiveness and safety. The results of these trials provide the company with important data that will help them in developing the new treatments. The trials on humans are more oriented towards determining side effects, effectiveness, safety, toxicity and the ability of the drug to cure or treat the disease. Sometimes the trials also aim at finding better ways of handling the drugs.

The pharmaceutical companies conduct medical research studies to look for new medicines and vaccines. These medicines and vaccines are essential to the medical field and help cure many diseases. When a new medicine or medication is developed, it is tested extensively before being introduced in the market. The trials conducted on animals do not provide any information on the safety and efficacy of the new medicine. However, the trials on humans do show up all the data garnered from the tests on animals.

Medical Trails And Their Significance

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The trials conducted on animals and humans are divided into two phases. The first phase is where the new medicines or vaccines are tested on non-human subjects. This means that the subjects cannot be humans but animals. The other phase is where the medicines and other treatments are tested on human volunteers. In both the phases, the medicines and other treatments are shown to have side effects or to have no effect.

The FDA requires all the companies engaged in the medical research studies to comply with all the rules and regulations. These regulations ensure that the company investigates all the issues thoroughly. One such regulation is the clinical study protocol. The clinical study protocol regulates all the details like the number of subjects involved, their characteristics, types of the tests, data collection, methods used etc. before the new ways are tested on human volunteers.

Usually, the medical research studies involve new drugs or treatments that are developed to treat some particular diseases or health problems. There are times when the company has found out ways of improving the existing treatments or curing the diseases completely. Therefore, the company researches for these possibilities and comes out with new drugs or treatments. Sometimes they come up with compounds that can be absorbed by the skin and help in treating the disease. This is another benefit of medical research.

It is difficult to find better ways of treating a particular disease. With the help of the medical research studies, we may be able to find better ways of treating our diseases. There are times when the companies fail to find better ways of treating a particular disease and they discontinue further research. But in the case of clinical trials, the patients can get better treatments.

In The End

Medical research trials give us the information regarding the working of new medicines and new pharmaceutical products. There have been several instances where the new medicines have worked wonders and people have been benefited from their use. Other diseases may include skin diseases, diabetes and other such physical conditions that require a lot of treatment.

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