Medical Research Council: Top 5 Medical Research Committee

Medical Research Council: Top 5 Medical Research Committee

Medical Research Council

Since 2015, the top medical research council institutes have seen lots of movements. And as the corona outbreak across the globe has hit havoc, these institutes are applying lots of testing to get the best vaccine out for the mass. Apart from that, every time, these medical institutes are giving us something extraordinary in the field of medicine. And we can’t thank more for the existence of these medical research council institutes. Though there are lots of medical institutes in the world, only a few of them have stayed at the top. Their contribution to the world of health is undeniable. Here are some of the top research council in the medical field: 

Medical Research Council: CUIMC

This year, CUIMC is topping the chart of the best medical research council once more. The research, clinical, and educational center, encompasses four professional schools and colleges in Northern Manhattan. The organization has 1,800 surgeons, physicians, dentists, and nurses throughout New York City, for boasting strong patient care.

 Top Medical Research Council In World
Medical Research Council: Top 5 Medical Research Committee

When it comes to counting the achievements, their first successful heart transplant of a child is memorable. Also, they are behind the first use of Dilantin, an anti-seizure medication for treating epilepsy. And CUIMC has supported lots of key discoveries in the medical field over the years.

The University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

From 2015-2018, UT Southwestern Medical Center has remained at the top of the 100 healthcare chart of Nature Index Annual Tables. There are over 2,500 faculties, and among them, six already received Nobel Prizes. Apart from that, 17 faculties are members of the National Academy of Medicine, and 22 are members of the National Academy of Sciences.

The physicians from the council are stationed across the Dallas-Fort Worth area for providing care to hospitalized patients. Yearly, the council deals with almost 3 million outpatients and 370,000 emergency room cases, to say the least. They support almost 5,800 research projects with 496.5 million US dollar annual expenditure. And this medical institute is first to attempt the new high-sensitivity blood test, that quickly can diagnoses heart attack.

Medical Research Council: Duke University Health System

This health system has been operating three hospitals in North Carolina- Duke Raleigh Hospital, Duke University Hospital, and Durham Regional Hospital.  Therefore, the counts say that the health system had almost 69,000 inpatients and almost 2.3 million outpatients in 2018. 

With the Duke University School of Medicine along with the Nursing, the health system forms a network of thousands. The network has been formed for advances in patient care and biomedical research. In 2016, this top biomedical research institute had over 650 million US dollar annual expenditure in sponsored research. Their research involves mainly neurodegenerative and cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, etc.

Michigan Medicine

The medical research council, Michigan Medicine possesses a large healthcare complex at Michigan. It encompasses the University of Michigan Medical School and the University of Michigan Health System along with Michigan Health Corp. Apart from all that, it is also among the largest biomedical research communities of the United States. Annually, over 2.4 million clinic visits are normal here. And the whole council employs almost 1,200 fellow residents.

In medical school, there are over 10,000 faculty, staff, and students. And there almost 1,796 clinical trials had run. Apart from that, the council published over 6,500 research papers. Also, in 2018 it has been successful in raising over 588 million US dollars in funding. CAR-T cell therapy is the main focus of Michigan Medicine for treating cancer.

5 Top Medical Research Council Of 2020
Medical Research Council: Top 5 Medical Research Committee

UC San Diego Health Sciences

UCSD Health Sciences is serving the health care system for over 50 years now. And for many decades, it has remained a force to provide high-quality research work. That’s why, since 2015, UCSD Health Sciences has ranked within the top 6 healthcare institutions.

This research council maintains its collaborations with Eleven countries across the globe. There are also some renowned institutes like Scripps Research, Salk Institute, and Burnham Institute, with which UCSD is collaborating. 

The UCSD medicine school supports over 1,500 scientists and physicians and almost 500 students of medicine. Therefore, for federal research funding to each faculty member, this institute is among the US’s top institutes. There are claims that, based on the technology built by UCSD, almost 400 life-science companies have come into existence in San Diego.

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