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Technology is the most growing field in the most recent times and it has made almost all things possible by its various techniques and methods. Now, due to the Covid era, almost all works have started from the use of technology. All the employees, businessmen, and students have started to work, earn and learn from home. And the main irony is that during this era of generation, almost all the works are incomplete without the use of technology.

How technology has contributed to an online system of schooling?

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The main pathway through which technology has been the main core of the schooling system is by the availability of modern software which enables people to interact with one another by not only hearing the voice but also now it is possible to look at each other and have an interactive session. As the world is updating, all the science of the Internet is also upgrading and it has helped all the people by making and launching the application like Google meet more popularly these days known as the Gmeet, zoom application, Microsoft teams, and a more number of applications.

How does the online application help the student to learn?

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The applications like Google meet, zoom meeting application, and Microsoft teams, are not used for learning but also other office online meetings. These applications have different features because of which online communications have become easier, smoother, and also buffer-free. There are some main important features in the application like the mic option, which enables the student to turn on or off when required, there is a camera option that enables them to turn on and off their camera when needed. And recently there has been a new feature introduced in the Google meet is the raise hand feature which also has its benefits. 

How does the medical student learn using technology?

We all know that the study of science students, mainly the medical students, has to perform practical, various assignments, different surveys, and several various experiments. But due to the covid pandemic, the students and the teachers can’t come to the lab and perform various experiments, but now due to the technology and its various other features, all medical students can perform virtual experiments, these virtual experiments are like a game only, wherein the instructions are given and one has to simply follow the rules and get appropriate results and conclusion. 


We all know now how promising technology has become and has also made the students and teachers learn and earn through technology. One just needs to install any of the online meetings and can easily get whole information about how to experiment. So let’s make our world more developed by exploring these applications and help students learn through online teaching without any problems.

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