Health Topics You Should Discuss For Knowledge

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There are a lot of health topics we can discuss as of now starting from the mental health situation after going through this pandemic situation and Quarantine rules. There has been a change of lifestyle expected for safety purposes and that has taken a toll on all of us. While that is currently being widely discussed upon, the fast implementation of Technology in Healthcare and problems like chlorinated chicken still deserve some attention.

Chlorinated Chicken

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The People of the United Kingdom have raised their concerns about the issue of chlorinated chicken in the country. It has been found that more than 80% of Brits are against the idea of allowing imports to the UK. The people of the UK are not willing to accept chlorinated chicken merely for the sake of securing a deal with the US. Another interesting fact is that even though the country is opposed to this idea as a whole, the acceptability rate of men is more than that of the country’s women. The men are 4 times more likely to approve. There has been very little evidence where it shows that chlorinated chicken can help in reducing food waste. Even if there are findings later on that chlorinated chicken does help in reducing the food waste, then as far as the public of the UK is concerned, it is highly unlikely that the public is going to accept the chlorinated form of chicken for their consumption. To improve the acceptability rate, the UK and the US envoy have to clear the myth regarding the chlorinated chicken, for instance, they should mention the residue level of chlorate that is the by-product of chlorine in the chicken pack. 

5G In Healthcare – Post-Implementation Issues

The crucial part after the complete implementation of the project is the maintenance, it is as important as the implementation. As the project is of no use if it is not maintained for the time it is being used as the customers will not be able to use the services if not maintained by the team, and if necessary upgraded even further. No piece of technology is perfect for anyone, there will be a lot of customers in doubt about how to use the services and what are the benefits of using them. The company will be responsible for providing an official to explain to them the services, how to’s and the benefits of using the services. This will require a little more effort from us. The feedback of the implementation is necessary as it is a new technology and there are a lot of bugs that needed to be removed, so the services will be provided to customers for that and a helpline number will also be made available so that the customers in case of any doubt can be able to clear any kind of doubt that the users could be having.


Implementation of networks like 5G in the healthcare sector is pivotal for the future of healthcare and will pave the way for better healthcare practices of individualization, virtualization, connected device, and more efficient processes. The prime target now is the empowerment of patients and which 5G truly helps in. The applicability also extends to the Internet of Things, AI-based Pharmacy as well as personalized medicines. All this and more will lead to the betterment of Health 4.0.

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