Auto-Immune Diseases: Startups Fighting These Ailments

Auto-Immune Diseases: Startups Working On Its Ailment

 Auto-immune diseases are disorders of the immune system. It attacks the body’s healthy tissues on its own or when triggered by external factors like viruses and bacteria. Genes and environmental factors contribute to many auto-immune disorders. The cause is yet to be determined on the origin of such diseases. Genes are parts of DNA that involve in the formation of every organ of the body. It plays a critical role in the creation and destruction of cells. Along with lifestyle, genes also determine one’s inclination to diseases. However, research says that genes contribute to 20- 25 percent of diseases. For instance, in type 1 diabetes, the immune system destroys the insulin-producing cells.

Some Auto-Immune Diseases And Their Treatment
Auto-Immune Diseases: Startups Fighting These Ailments

 Startups For Treating Auto-Immune Diseases

People believe auto-immune diseases to be incurable. Hence, some startups are working on the ailments to cure such disease. Given below are the names of some startups which aim to deal with different types of auto-immune diseases.

  • Angel
  • Genfkd
  • Buffalo
  • Pandion
  • Mirbio
  • Aheadtherapeutics

Some Common Auto-Immune Diseases

Research says genes might be the cause of generating such irrational responses. An active lifestyle can control some auto-immune disorders. For instance, less intake of sugar can manage type 1 diabetes.

Here is a list of some common auto-immune diseases along with their treatment.


 It is an auto-immune disease that is characterized by the appearance of red spots, inflammation of joints and tightening of the skin.


The symptoms of this disease are skin rash and weak muscles. Moreover, the immune system attacks the blood vessels in the muscle and connective tissue. However, it usually affects females in the age group of 40-60.

Auto-Immune Hepatitis 

This disease is characterized by weakness, jaundice, and an enlarged liver. However, it is common in females and people with other auto-immune disorders 

Rheumatoid Arthritis 

This disease causes stiffening of joints and bone erosion. Medication and exercise can slow down the progression of the disease.

 Multiple Sclerosis

It attacks the outer sheath of the nerves causing loss of communication between the brain and other parts of the body. The symptoms of this disease are vision loss and impaired co-ordination. Plasma exchange and anti-inflammatory drugs can cure it.

 Guillain-Barre Syndrome 

The symptoms of this auto-immune disease are-weakness in the legs, which spreads to the upper part. However, the upper respiratory disease caused by virus triggers the disease. It can be treated with a blood exchange of antibodies.     

Auto-Immune Diseases: Startups Fighting These Ailments

Good Pastures Syndrome  

The symptoms of this disease are anaemia, back pain, swelling in hands and legs. Plasmapheresis removes harmful antibodies and there are medicines to control high blood pressure.


Lupus is an auto-immune disease that affects the skin and lungs. It can be treated with immunosuppressant drugs, sun protection, and diet.

Some Final Words

Lastly, there are many auto-immune diseases, which can cause a threat to health and life. However, recent drugs have been effective in controlling such diseases. But research is not able to zero in on the exact cause of these ailments. 

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