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7 Startups That Are Preventing A Specific Disease

7 startups that are preventing from a specific disease

Several startups with an impact on population health and well-being have sprung up around the world over the last few years. There are many different ideas and ways to attract a benefit to society. It is possible to hire a home-based doctor by application, such as any specific disease. Meet seven startups that we consider innovative in this sector.

Omada Health

Omada Health is a pioneer North American startup in the field of preventive health. It uses digital applied design and technology to promote health in the field of preventive medicine by quickly and effectively leveraging the platform. Besides, it is designed to make changes for people in preventing a specific disease.

Performetric For Disease-Related To Mental Health

Performetric is a Portuguese startup focused on diseases related to mental health. It is a software for monitoring the mental tiredness of the worker that also alerts to the need to take a break.  In this, sensors are placed on the mouse and keyboard associated with specific algorithms, and the warning to pause is given in a non-invasive way. Its goal is to reach the large business centers where mental fatigue is today synonymous with impairment in the professional performance and well-being of workers.

7 startups that are preventing from a specific disease
7 Startups That Are Preventing A Specific Disease

Counsyl For The Rare Inherited Disease

Counsyl is one of the countless startups that have sprung up in Silicon Valley. They offer three tests: Family Prep, Informed Pregnancy, and Inherited Cancer. The Family Prep and Informed Pregnancy tests provide parents with information about the genes they will potentially pass on to their children. And the Inherited Cancer test lets adults know if they have a high risk of developing cancer. With this information, adults can start treatment earlier, or in extreme cases, undergo preventive surgery.

Skin Vision For Disease Related To Skin

Skin Vision is a Dutch startup that focuses on skin conditions that are relatively simple to cure if detected in their early stages. It is an app where users can take pictures of their skin blemishes that the app will analyze if growth is abnormal, save and also organize. Thus they can track over time if it has potentially cancerous changes. If users want a second opinion, they can also share the photos with a dermatologist through the app.


Neurotrack is a Redwood City startup that aims at early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, facilitating drug testing and development. Besides, it is a non-invasive computer test that has the potential to diagnose patients who already have the condition for three to six years, even before showing symptoms. Therefore, it allows pharmaceutical companies to recruit more patients for clinical trials. The company says its technology will eventually prevent disease progression, possibly.

7 startups that are preventing from a specific disease


HealthTap is a California-based startup. It is an application that facilitates your contact with specialized doctors to help people live happier, healthier, and also longer. HealthTap enables patients to connect with a digital community of physicians to get the right answers to their health questions. Besides, it also lists healthy habits to maintain healthy living. Another service offered by the company is the Concierge program, which helps patients connect with their doctors from anywhere in the world through video, phone calls, or even text messaging.


Lumo is an application flourish in Oakland that assists in physical exercise. This app goes one step further from others as it not only tracks activity but also corrects posture. Apart from this, people can relieve back pain with Lumo Lift. It is a small sensor that magnetically helps users with posture. Users calibrate the device to its best stance based on directions provided by the Lumo app. The device vibrates when deviating from this ideal position and is used while working or studying. You can buy this device from Amazon.

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