3 Major Benefits And Harms Of Medical Research On Animals – Everyone Should Know

medical research on animals

Medical research on animals has gained a lot of attention over the years and you can find a wide range of conflicting opinions on this topic. There are many people who oppose this technique of medical research on animals. Scientists consider animals as the best option for medical research. With the development of more efficient ways of testing medicines, the arguments of scientists came to an end that animals are the best alternatives for such testings. On the other hand, the believers of humanity have the opinion that medical research on animals is the wrong way of testing and it should be considered as an act of atrocity.

Know How Medical Research On Animals Is Beneficial 

Improved Understanding Of Biology 

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You may already know that the biological processes of animals and humans are very similar. And, it includes both subtle and complex processes. Fighting disease process is the same in both animals and humans. Same biological process occurs in the large parts of both humans and animals. Everything is the same from the main functions to the basic cell process. So it’s quite obvious that the research held for knowing details about diseases is likely to be possible on animals. 

Perfect Model For Research 

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All of us know that humans and animals usually share the same kind of diseases and illnesses. That’s why animals are often used as models for studying human diseases. And, if there comes any differences in the disease of animals then it is possible to create animal models with a very close condition to human disease. This study usually seems impossible without animals because humans cant be affected by such deadly diseases.

Beneficial In Creating Potential Treatments

After creating treatments for diseases in theory, these treatments need to be tested on some living bodies. And, the safest way to test these medicines and treatment is doing it on animals. To know the benefits as well as harmful effects of the medicines, they need to be tested on living organisms and for that animals are the best alternative.

Find Out Why Medical Research On Animals Is Wrong 


Keeping in mind that just like humans, animals have the right to freedom of movement and association, it is unethical to conduct medical research on animals

Alternative Testing Techniques

Technology has developed to a very high extent. And, we can find other alternatives for these medical research where no animals need to get hurt.


Sometimes testing these medicines on animals can give them harmful effects and cause premature deaths as well. And, hurting innocent animals is a cruel act.


Medical search on animals defines the act of atrocity. For some reasons science has gone beyond all worldly concerns. But, killing and hurting animals in the process is an insensitive factor.

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